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Monday, October 28, 2013

Diary Entry #35

7:46 pm, Monday, October 28th, 2013
Dear Online Diary,
    Hi everyone! So sorry I slacked on the movie and on posts, my camera wasn't working! It wouldn't turn on, so I tried charging it. I ended up charging it for a week before it would turn on!! So, with that being said, all of these pictures were taken on October 19th.

 *October 19th*
Hi everyone! Tonight we're going to a bonfire!
Do you like my new outfit?
Eating some m&m's on the way....
Watching everything go by.
Then it started raining. So we stopped at Wal-Mart to get me, Saige, my owner, and my owner's sisters' some rain jackets. To get to the bonfire, we had to drive 1 hour. It was a very long drive.
A pretty picture.
We finally got there! This is a cool picture I took of the bonfire. Did I mention it was FREEZING out there????? My lips were numb!!

So there was some girls there that my owner hung out with, and Saige and I had a friend to play with, too. Our friend is named Molly. We exchanged phone numbers that night, and we're good friends now! 

She slept over on Saturday, and it was VERY fun.

Have you ever been to/had a bonfire?

♥Addy Rose♥


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Diary Entry #34-A Wish To Be Different-Part 2

3:23 pm, Sunday, October 27th, 2013
Dear Online Diary,
    Hi everyone! Here is the long awaited Part 2! Sorry it's so short :P
Saige Walker as: Princess Annabella Princeston
 Ruthie Smithens as: Servant Cassie

It was early morning of the next day. Princess Annabella was sleeping peacefully, when she was -literally- shaken from her slumber. "Princess Annabella! Your Highness! Wake up!" Servant Cassie exclaimed as she quickly shook the Princesses shoulders.
 She opened her eyes and propped up on her elbow. "Oh, Cassie, it's so early." She said with a loud yawn. "You don't understand. You need to leave, now." Cassie replied shakily. Now Princess Annabella was worried. What was Cassie talking about?
Servant Cassie helped the Princess out of bed, and she turned on the light. "Cassie, don't be absurd. This is my home. I'm not leaving!" Princess Annabella exclaimed.
The only thing her servant said to her was, "No time for questions. You must come with me." She lead Princess Annabella to the door, and out of her bedroom.

CLIFFHANGER!!! Comment down below and take a guess why Cassie was acting so strange!

Part 3 coming soon.....

♥Addy Rose♥
○Ruthie Marie○  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Diary Entry #33 - A Wish To Be Different, Part 1

7:40 pm, Tuesday, October 8th, 2013
Dear Online Diary,
     Today I got all of my friends together, and we wrote a movie script! I'm putting up the first part in this post, so I hope you like it!
Saige Walker as: Princess Annabella Princeston
Alexa Akina as: Queen Krystin Princeston
Addy Rose Walker as: Servant Thalia
Ruthie Smithens as: Servant Cassie

 One crisp, Autumn evening, Queen Krystin took her daughter, Princess Annabella, out for a stroll in the palace gardens. And, of course, Queen Krystin's personal servant, Thalia, would be walking with them in case they needed anything.
  But this wasn't just any ordinary Autumn night. It was also Princess Annabella's 10th birthday. Everyone in the Kingdom of Tarn celebrated and brought many gifts to the castle. But there was one gift Princess Annabella hadn't received yet. 
 "My dear Annabella?" The Queen asked her daughter. "Yes Mother?" She replied politely.
 "Why don't we go and rest on that tree root?" Queen Krystin said. "Ok."
 "Right over here, Annabella."
 Once they were both seated comfortably (well, about as comfy as a tree root can be), the Queen began to speak. "Well, Annabella, you are now 10 years old. Everyone in the Kingdom gave you a present, but you have not received the one I had planned to giv-" Suddenly the Queen stopped speaking.
 "Good Heavens, Annabella! What are you wearing?!?!" Queen Krystin lifted up Annabella's dress to reveal dirty riding boots.
 "What, Mother? They were the only shoes that I could find, and I thought they would look cool with my dress, and I just couldn't resist, and no one notic-" Annabella was cut off by her Mother. "First of all, Princesses do NOT babble about like you just did. Second of all, riding boots are not 'cool' with that dress. And be more lady-like!" Queen Krystin interrupted, shaking her head.
 "Anyways, my dear, I have something I want to give you as a birthday surprise. Thalia, you may come forth."
Thalia, the Queen's personal servant walked towards the mother and daughter with something behind her back.
"It's a doll!" Princess Annabella exclaimed.
Once the doll was in her arms, she kissed her lightly on the top of her head. "I think I'll name her Krystie, after you, Mother."
"I'm glad you like her. Now, let's get you inside. It's getting dark out and you need your beauty sleep." Queen Krystin replied.
It sure must be nice being a Princess....
Thalia thought to herself.
"Let's go." Princess Annabella said.
The moon was slowly rising into the sky, announcing night time.
Once the Princess was in her royal bedroom, she carefully put Krystie down on her bed.
"Good Evening, Princess. Shall I help you undress?" Servant Cassie (Princess Annabella's personal servant.) said politely as she pulled off her cape. "Good Evening, Cassie. Yes, you may proceed." Princess Annabella instructed.
She carefully took it off of her,
and hung it up.
She carefully helped Princess Annabella out of her dress.
Once her dress was off, it was neatly folded and placed on top of her bedside table.
Then Cassie helped her into a nightgown. "This fabric comes all the way from Genovia!!" Cassie said excitingly.
She brushed her hair,
and put it up into a bun.

After she tucked the Princess into bed, she said,
"Goodnight, your Highness. Sleep well."
"Goodnight, Cassie." Princess Annabella replied sweetly.
 Cassie shut off the light on her way out, and soon the Princess fell asleep.

And that was Part 1!!! What do you think? I hope you all enjoy this movie.

♥Addy Rose♥
•Saige Harper•
○Ruthie Marie○
☺Alexa Leigh☺


Friday, October 4, 2013

Diary Entry #32

6:30 am, Friday, October 4th, 2013
Dear Online Diary,
   Hi everyone! My mom said that if I get up early enough, I could blog about my trip to the library with Kara, before I have to go to school! So I went with her yesterday after school, because everybody in my 5th grade class had to get a chapter book from the library, read it, and write a report on it. So Kara and I went to the school library right away, so we could pick out our books! 
 Just browsing.....
Hey! This looks like a good book. I got this one and Kara got 'The Stolen Sapphire, a Samantha Mystery'. 

I've been reading my book lots, and I'm almost done with it! Soon I'll have to get started on my book report, because they're due on Monday. Sorry for such a short post, it's just I still have to get ready for school!

♥Addy Rose♥