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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Diary Entry #26

4:57 pm, Sunday, June 30th, 2013
Dear Online Diary,
    Hi everyone! How many of you watch 'The Voice'? I love it! Well, when Judith Hill sang for the last time on the show (I think it was the last time), I was inspired to recreate her hair. 

 ......and after! When I finished taking the picture, I really didn't want to take my hair out because it took me FOREVER to get it this good. So I just wore my hair like this around the house! I actually liked it though, it kept the hair out of my face and off of my neck. What do you think? Did I do a good job?

Addy Rose

Diary Entry #25 Hershey Trip Part 3- Packing up and the Rose Gardens

2:21 pm, Sunday, June 30th, 2013
Dear Online Diary,
     Hey everyone! Sorry it's been so long, life happens ya know ;-) Ballet practice, sleepovers (LOTS of them), getting stuff prepared for my sister's arrival, going to Kara's birthday party, swimming and more! Well, here is the long awaited part 3 of my trip to Hershey!
 Good Morning! Today we are packing up and going to the Rose Gardens and Chocolate World!

 Packing my box in the big suitcase....
 Part of my breakfast!
Hey, where's Samantha?

 Samantha, where are you?????
 Oh no.
 .....she's stuck!
 I tried to reach my arm in there to grab her, but she was pushed down too far :-( Then all the luggage was loaded into the giant suitcase and my owner's dad zipped it all up.
 Nothing's the same without my Sam :-(:-(
 She's in there somewhere...
 After checking out of our room, we drove to Hershey Grill once again for breakfast.
 They make the best Hot Chocolate. EVER.
After the meal, they gave everyone Hershey Kisses. (I had Dark Chocolate)

 Some beautiful pictures by the pond at the restaurant.
 Did I mention we were meeting friends? They were staying in the Hershey Hotel, and the Rose Gardens were close by.
 We came in to look around. Here are some of the shop signs.

 This is inside 'The Spa and Boutique'. I absolutely loved this giant doggy! Too bad I wasn't able to get him though....

 Next shop, 'Sweets'!

 Look at this chocolate bar! It's as big as me!

 Some of the baked goods there.

 I love Rolo's!!!

 Look how tempting it all looks!

 Ooh, I really like these.
'Cocoa Beanery'! We had one of these at the Hershey Lodge.

 The large fountain outside in front.
 There were also beautiful flowers planted all around.
 Driving to the Gardens!
 Here we are!

 I'm a butterfly!

 Hey there!

 Look at the roller coasters in the background! Hershey Park was very close to the Rose Gardens. I heard so many people screaming!

 Officially my best picture.

 Then we went in the Butterfly House.
 So pretty! There were butterflies EVERYWHERE! Stay tuned for Part 4, where you'll read more about the Rose Gardens and Chocolate World!

Addy Rose