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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Diary Entry #37- My Thanksgiving-Part 1

8:07 pm, Thursday, December 5th, 2013
Dear Online Diary,
    Hi! I want to tell you all about my Thanksgiving! My owner has family and friends in Colorado, (her hometown) and no one to celebrate Thanksgiving with here in PA. So, my owner and her family went out to Colorado for Thanksgiving, and I got to come with! We left the 23rd of November and drove back on the 30th. Well, I won't keep you waiting any longer, here are the pictures!!

I got a picture of the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indiana. I didn't take any pictures on the first part of the drive (when we passed through West Virginia and Ohio) because there wasn't anything interesting ;-)
 The sky is beautiful!!
 Wow! This thing's HUGE!!
Another picture of the beautiful sky.

 Hi guys!! Addy here, and I'm SUPER BORED. We're in Missouri right now, and there's NOTHING TO DO!!
 I tried to read my magazine...
 But I ended up reading it 5 times in a row and it got boring.
 I tried writing in my diary...
 But I wrote so much that my hand started to cramp.
  I tried playing with my best bear....................

But I just dropped him and I don't know where he went!!!!!

 With all of my, 'I'm sooo bored!!!', my owner finally was annoyed enough to give me something to do.... playing Cut The Rope on her kindle fire! Finally, something to do! Hmmmm, how do I figure out this level?
 Then we stopped at McDonald's and a gas station after that. Look what bear I got in my Happy Meal!
And when I climbed out of the car to go inside McDonald's and eat, I found my lost bear!

After driving until about 11:30, we stopped at a hotel in Salina, Kansas. 

 We're inside now. Finally some sleep! Did I mention I had to wake up at 5:30 this morning??
Before I go to bed, I need to shower.

 Before I knew it, we were leaving the hotel.
 Only 2 more hours until we enter Colorado!
Breakfast time :-)
 Before we started driving for awhile, we stopped at Starbucks and I got some hot chocolate. Yummy!!!
 It's pretty overcast. I wonder if it's going to snow or rain.
 Before we were out of Kansas, I saw a whole bunch of windmills. I swear there were 50!!!!
 Eating fruit snacks.


I didn't take any pictures when we first got into Colorado, because it still looked like Kansas. Very, VERY flat. My owner said after driving a couple more hours I would see more mountains. And what do you know?
She was right!!!!
 When we were driving through Denver, all of us had to go to the bathroom. So we stopped at a gas station/corner store and bought some cookies.
 They were delicious! Sorry for the sideways picture, my camera was being weird :-)
 Wow, this looks like a staircase!
 My hair was super messy, so my owner offered to brush t.
 There! Better.

More amazing mountains

At about 6:30, we arrived in Grand Junction! We were staying at my owner's Grandma's house, and her Grandma made delicious tortilla soup for dinner. 

Annnnnd that's it for Part 1! Stayed tuned for Part 2....

Addy Rose♥

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  1. Anonymous14 May, 2014

    Dear Addy,
    Please keep going with your blig, it's so awesome! I read it over and over again everyday while I wait for you to post something!!! I love you!!!
    Love, Squeaker ;)